If you feel nervous at the thought of speaking to women in public, that’s completely normal, however that fear is the biggest barrier to getting this part of your life handled. You may even be feeling that fear right now just by contemplating joining our bootcamp.

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Eddie Hitchens

Eddie Hitchens

Founder of Street Attraction & Head Coach

I remember how terrifying of approaching a girl used to be. I would never even picture myself stopping one on the street in the daytime. On the first day of the bootcamp I needed to be pushed hard and the guys did exactly that. By the second day I really started to understand how a man to woman interaction should play out. I now find approaching and talking to the girl less frightening.


I used to do mostly dating from Tinder. I think I’m pretty good online… It’s fun but at some point I wanted to push myself further. Street game sounded like a great challenge. I didn’t need much advice on how to talk to women but I needed someone to get me to approach. When coaching me Richard was very supportive and uplifting and Eddie was able to answer all of my difficult questions. I really enjoyed my training. It was a great investment.

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