Alpha Eye Contact

Eye contact of a real alpha male

Eye contact should be one of the first things you should concentrate on when you begin acquiring game skills. I really believe that my piercing glance is often what clinches the deal when I’m picking up. The rules of good eye contact are quite simple, being good at implementing them however is the harder part.

Eye contact is one of the key components of your non verbal game; keep in mind that it is your non verbal expressions such as your body language, tonality and eyes that are mostly likely to create or kill the attraction. All things being equal; men who hold good eye contact are perceived by women as being MORE:

  • dominant and powerful
  • attractive and likeable
  • warm and trustworthy
  • emotionally stable
  • confident & competent

Good strong eye contact is an emblematic trait of leaders and powerful men because it is an overt display of dominance. A man who is poor at holding it is seen by women as a fragile man who cannot handle her eyes nor handle her. This is certainly not an impression you want to give. Simply put, women get wet for dominance and for the rare men who display it.

Your eyes are your strongest weapon for getting a girl to stop and engage with you. Don’t be afraid to give her some intense eye fucking. Intensity demonstrates passion, maybe even dangerous passion (a rare quality) that women are vulnerable to.  A girl once told me that I ”shouldn’t look at her like that”. That night I was still looking at her ‘like that’ but naked in my bed.

Breaking eye contact

Very occasionally it’s okay to break it by looking around the room like you’re distracted by something (doing this is a bit of a push). You should only unlink your eyes when she is talking never when you are. Dominant men demand attention and eyes on them when they speak and you should too. When breaking eye contact, avoid looking down, it is submissive, instead break it by looking to the side. Having said that, you should not be breaking it often because you risk disengaging her and fast.  Looking overly distracted and unable to focus will make you look childish, disinterested or weak.

Most men have a difficult time maintaining good eye contact especially with women that they find very attractive. They are too  quick to look away, averting their attention to avoid the perceived potential conflict of what might happen. Nothing will happen, at least nothing bad will. 99.9% of the time there will only be two possible outcomes: she breaks it first or she holds your gaze and begins to smile, in which case you should approach her as she’s given you a clear green flag to do so.

You might feel an overpowering urge to look away, in case she spots you communicating that you like her. This is exactly what you should be communicating to her with your eyes, and unapologetically so. Women want an alpha male who is bold with his intent and intrudes upon them with his eyes. Never fear confrontation or communicating your sexual intent, it’s what attractive entitled men do.

Initially women will often do the ‘prolonged stare’ shit test on you. It’s your mission to comfortably hold that stare longer than her, getting her to break it first. As soon as she breaks it she will begin accepting your dominant masculine frame and she will fall into her submissive female frame. Once you’ve dominated her by making her look away a few times, it’s okay for you to start looking away too, occasionally. Your pickup doesn’t need to be a crazy eye contact marathon.

The right way

Don’t stare at her like a desperate over smiley beta who drools for a girl. Instead give her a cool intelligent 007 stare, like you are thinking deeply about things while she speaks. Use eye contact to create a bubble between you and her, shutting out everything and everyone around you. Look into her eyes with a steady relaxed gaze. Hold it. From time to time look away to the side (never down) in a natural unforced way. Let her look away if she can’t handle the tension, but never feel like you should be the one that needs to release it. As the pickup turns more sexual she’ll start to give you prolonged stares once again but only a lot sexier in nature.


The lack of blinking will make you come across as scary or weird because not blinking is  unnatural. Being unnatural means that you are trying too hard. Trying too hard signals that you see yourself as being of lower value than her. Remember, women only have sex with men that they perceive as being of equal or of higher status or value than they are. Blinking normally or slowly is always better than not blinking at all or blinking too fast.

3 Ways to improve your eye contact

  1. Next time you’re out and about and see a woman walking by, try and make eye contact with her and maintain it until she breaks it. 95% of the time she’ll break it first and quite quickly; this is because most women are just as anxious about making eye contact as most guys are. If she holds it (or breaks it and then holds it again) see it as a green flag to approach. Even in the case when you’re unable to get any eye contact at all, just keep gazing at her eyes until she passes you.
  2. Practice holding your gaze with every person you come in contact with (especially with women) for longer and longer until it is comfortable and continuous. Start noticing other people’s eye contact.
  3. Refrain from wearing sunglasses when you’re interacting with people. And finally avoid continuously being distracted by the things around you such as your phone and focus on the person’s eyes in front of you.

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10 replies
  1. Philander
    Philander says:

    Very good post.
    You may want to add that holding eye contact means looking at one of her eyes all the time until she breaks, so NOT switching between her eyes during one “session”. When she breaks and you resume afterwards, you can go for the other eye but I usually keep with one (the right).
    Note that this rule does NOT apply when “triangling” before a kiss or when you are intimate.

  2. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    I never find anything about girls holding strong eye contact?
    I’m a girl 25 years old and when I find someone atractive for ex a class mate etc, I will look directly into his eyes with smiling eyes under our conversations. Often guys hold contact when with me but what I wonder is, how does guys feel about girls having a dominant and strong eye contact? Alfa woman eye contact if you so will? I never find any text about this! I wanna know! . I never break eye contact by looking down, and I often hold my contact even when I’m speaking about something, which is hard as hell, but I will do it. To show how confident I am! I will only look to the side if I have to think hard about something. And if I give the guys the “triangel gaze” some guys freaks out even if they had good contact just up to that moment lol.

  3. Peter
    Peter says:

    But then you loose all the anxious girls, or what. I have met many girls that are to shy to look back and even smile at you. So how do you know if she looks away, simply because she is attracted to you but shy?

  4. David
    David says:

    This is good advice depending on the situation. When you are famous it is actually dangerous to keep eye contact as there are too many people looking to fill in your shoes. If you keep eye contact, and when you are famous you get a tremendous amount of confrontational eye contact, then your pursuer will either do one of two things. Get highly upset and blow up the scene, think you like them (which is risky), think you want to talk to them, etc. But in either case you can no longer do the things normal people do. Before I was famous, I was able to keep eye contact under the impression that it was just one individual, in a day or in a week I was caught in this scenario with. But once the crowds started growing, it became dangerous. Like walking into a crazy thunderstorm of emotion. You never know when the lightning will strike. And when it does, it gets real nasty. Envy is a power beast.

  5. Sandeep Cheema
    Sandeep Cheema says:

    Great tip. Just to add, you should start with eyes and proceed to checkout her lips and tits when she is looking at you. Don’t be apologetic about it, women like to be checked out shamelessly by an alpha

  6. Julo
    Julo says:

    Also I think the look is essential for seduction, it’s great to create sexual tension and to create attraction. They say the eyes are the window to the soul. We know a lot of things through a look, and if it is seductive, she will like it. Thanks for the tips.

  7. Leo Leo
    Leo Leo says:

    I have met so many pua’s, I have gamed with several of them. some were really good and some were really bad however I still havent met pua’s that are as good as Eddie and Richard… guys keep doing your thing because your killing it out there!


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