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Why James Bond isn’t Alpha

Taking the red pill & challenging commonly held beliefs: Part 1, Why James Bond game doesn’t work in the real world. Like many other young men I grew up watching James Bond films, enjoying the thrills and spills of a make believe secret agent going about his business. It seemed like great fun, what a […]

Alpha Eye Contact

Eye contact of a real alpha male Eye contact should be one of the first things you should concentrate on when you begin acquiring game skills. I really believe that my piercing glance is often what clinches the deal when I’m picking up. The rules of good eye contact are quite simple, being good at […]

How important are your looks?

I have to confess; I don’t think I’m an ugly guy. I don’t think I’m that good looking either, I’m kind of neutral. Women sometimes tell me I look like the English rapper Plan B. I didn’t really consider that a compliment. Plan B isn’t exactly a sex symbol. I’m lucky enough that I can’t be […]