18 Ways to improve your vibe

What is good vibe?

Good vibe means being in a good mental state, where you’ve got flow, confidence and positivity running through your veins. When you have good vibe, approaching and picking up becomes so much easier. When you’re vibing, you’ll notice that girls start checking you out a lot more. People are generally attracted to those that look like they’re having fun, enjoying life and not taking things too seriously. Sadly the average man is quite boring, so when girls meet a guy who’s gregarious, fun and positive they want to enjoy his company. They want some of what he has. A person with good vibe is fundamentally someone who is giving, someone who gives and elicits positive emotions in others, as opposed to someone who drains or leeches energy from people.

Girls will mirror your vibe

I know no one better at building and maintaining good vibe than Richard (aka The night bastard). If you watch any of our video footage on youtube, you’ll notice just how generous Richard is with his smile, compliments, cheekiness and overall energy, the girls quickly feel encouraged to reciprocate, giving back some of this nice energy, mirroring Richard’s. To have a good vibe, you don’t necessarily need to be super happy or super smiley like a Childrens TV presenter. You can be a little bit more chill, the important thing is that you’re taking things lightly, that’s what matters.

18 Ways to improve your vibe

1. Exercise

Excercise is great, whenever I am feeling down I go for a swim or go for a jog either on my own or with a friend. Exercise is great for killing anxiety and depression. As Tony Robbins says ‘motion creates emotion’.

2. Start talking ASAP

Start talking with someone straight away, never wait more than five minutes to start a conversation. It doesn’t even have to be a conversation, you can just give them a quick compliment, tell them ‘have a nice day’ and then walk off. The longer you wait the harder it is to build a nice positive social vibe. You can start conversations with anyone, woman or man it doesn’t matter, at this early stage you shouldn’t necessarily be focusing on just picking up. The key is to get into a chatty mode as quickly as possible.

3. Do something a little crazy

Sometimes when you’re warming up and trying to build your vibe you might want to amp things up and do something a little bit extreme at the start to get the ball rolling, but then later lower that intensity.

4. Get some daylight

 Get out the house, or at least open the curtains as soon as you wake up. Just 20 minutes of sun exposure a day improves your mood and lessen anxiety and depression.

5. Listen to upbeat music

We are easily influenced by what we hear, listening to hours of depressing love ballads will quickly make you feel depressed and weak. Instead crank up your favourite up tempo jams that will motivate you and make you feel optimistic and strong.

6. Sing or learn to play a musical instrument

If you can’t play a musical instrument, you might want to learn, if not, just sing and if you can’t sing, then just make noise and you will feel better. Playing the piano for just ten minutes improves my vibe, it helps me to focus on the music and the feeling and to forget about everything else, I guess it makes me focus on the present, the ‘now’.

7. Stop caring so much about the opinion of others

Who care what people think? Especially what strangers think. Ultimately no one really cares what you do, the strangers walking down the street don’t care what you are doing, ultimately they don’t really care if you live or die, so why care what they think of you at all? Stop caring so much, be shameless, be bold, and don’t be afraid to do things for your own self amusement.

8. Keep your testosterone levels high

You want testosterone to be  flowing through your veins. If you’re wanking all day, obviously your testosterone levels will be low and you will not feel much of an urge to go out and game. Internet porn might be fun, but it pales in comparison to a meeting and sleeping with a real girl. Minimise the masturbation and lift some heavy metal in the gym, and see how your testosterone rockets. You’ll become more attractive to women because you will look better, act more masculine and dominant, have a deeper voice and be more willing to take risks.

9. Dress well

The way you dress says everything about you. If you dress like shit then people treat you like shit. If you dress like you respect yourself, other people will respect you too. The way you dress changes your mindset as well. When you’re dressed to kill and ready for action well then you’re ready for action. When you’re dressed to play video games and eat crisps that’s often what you end up doing.

10.Groom well and stay clean

It doesn’t matter if you have the best conversation skills ever if your breath is so repulsive that it makes women run before you even finish delivering your opener. Shower once a day, brush and floss your teeth, trim your nasty nose hair, maintain a tidy haircut, use deodorant and all that. This is not about being metrosexual, it’s about pride, an attractive man takes pride in his appearance, putting in the effort to to look and smell great everyday, when you feel proud, you will no doubt have a better overall vibe.

11. Maintain a daily routine

Disorder creates unnecessary stress in your life so make sure to maintain a daily routine, schedule your workouts at a particular time as well as the time that you to bed. You want to get between 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night preferably 8. If you can, start waking up early, no later than 7am. When most people are sleeping and being lazy you want to be  awake and already kicking ass, this is going to make you feel great, improving your vibe.

12. Develop Mental Resilience

When things don’t go our way or when we don’t get everything right away we get upset like little children. It’s crucial to develop mental resilience. When you get knocked down you want to be able to bounce back quick, to have that bounce in you. Stoic philosophy in particular really helped me to develop this skill. I would recommend reading anything by Seneca. Alain De Botton’s ‘The consolations of philosophy’ is also a really good quick read. When you become more resilient, it means you’ll get stressed less often and less easily, just check out science, stress KILLS, less stress means better health which results in better vibe ultimately.  

13. Hang out with cool people

Avoid negative pricks, instead surround yourself with cool positive people and stay away from those that are constantly bitching and complaining as they will infect your thinking with their non sense.  

14. Eat and drink healthy

Stop eating garbage, start eating clean. Avoid relying on alcohol and drugs to build your vibe, in the long run that shit will ruin your mind and body as well as your game.

15. Make yourself smile

We smile when we feel good, the smile can also be used in reverse, it’s been scientifically proven that if you’re feeling down try and force a smile for a minute or so and eventually the fake smile will turn into a genuine smile and you’ll begin to feel better.

16. Become assertive

Speak up and be heard. Let people know what you want and why you want it, you’ll feel happier and stronger.

17. Talk it out with a friend

Guys typically are reluctant to do this but It’s good to talk and connect with a friend, talk about your troubles, flakes, rejections whatever, get it off your chest, and try and see the funny side of it.

18. Always look on the bright side of life

Notice all the numerous great things that you see daily. Develop an optimistic attitude ‘So what if I lost my left arm, great, I still have my right, besides I didn’t use my left one much anyway.’ Add Monty Python’s ‘Always look on the bright side of life’ and Nina Simone’s ‘I got life’ to your upbeat playlist.

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