Private 1 to 1 coaching is great if…

  • You want to meet, attract and sleep with higher quality women
  • You want to be able to approach women smoothly and confidently
  • You want to build great conversations and not run out of things to say
  • You want to learn how to flirt effectively
  • You want to turn dates into sex
  • You want to find and fix your blind spots
  • You’ve hit a dead end and don’t know what to do from here
  • You have a couple of key things you think are holding you back and want to fix them
  • You have a specific problem or questions you need help with
  • You have done coaching with another dating company or guru but you feel what you learnt is not quite working for you.
  • You’re keen to work with us but just too busy to take our 2 Day Bootcamp.

1 to 1 coaching sessions are completely custom designed to focus in on your personal sticking points and blind spots and give you the understanding and skills you need to attract the women you want. Having Eddie or Richard all to yourself means you can get the breakthroughs you want’ fast and without any distractions or compromising on time. 1 to 1 coaching is ideal for busy men, as well as guys wanting us want to focus completely upon key areas that are holding them back. Contact us to arrange coaching session:

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Or if you prefer you can contact Eddie directly via email:

The Process

Eddie or Richard will first talk with you to understand your key goals with meeting, socialising, attracting and seducing women, and to work out what is holding you back. This first step is crucial in order to plan and prepare the session appropriately and to give you the most value.

Then we will usually get you approaching women in various settings; the street, galleries, underground stations and coffee shops etc., whilst being miced up with a discrete wireless microphone. As well as seeing you in action, the microphone technology allows us to hear everything you say, enabling us to give you full and accurate feedback. At the end of each 1 to 1 session you will be given a clear personalised program (as well as free literature) to help you reach your goals fast.

Eddie and Richard have personally coached hundreds of men from almost every demographic. They’ve become masters at rapidly zeroing in on the key issues that are holding you back from the life with women you really want. So much so that often a couple of 1 to 1 coaching sessions are often enough to put many guys back on the right track in their dating lives.

Your Private 1 to 1 coaching session also includes; free email and telephone support.

What’s Your Investment?

Private 1 to 1 coaching with Eddie or Richard is poundSign80 per hour. Contact us to have Eddie personally discuss with you how we can tailor a Private 1 to 1 coaching program to meet all your goals with beautiful women fast.

You’ll Master The Skills To Attract The Women You Want

You’ll go through our program of hands on practical drills and exercises that teach you step by step, exactly what you need to do from first seeing a new attractive woman through to leading her into your bedroom. The ultimate aim being to empower you to have fulfilling relationships with attractive women on your terms.  

To Arrange Coaching

Contact us to arrange coaching session:

Coaching Application Form

Or if you prefer you can contact Eddie directly via email: