Game: a cure for loneliness (An ebook by George Massey)

George’s introduction to Game was a by-product of loneliness, with him feeling lost and insecure and often unwanted. This book covers various ways in which Game and female psychology radically changed and improved his life. ‘It gave me back control of my life’ is how George puts it. Here, he imparts much of the wisdom that he’s learned to you, in the form of twenty upbeat essays and stories clocking in at a massive 103,000 words (Almost 400 book pages.) As one student said about George ‘With George’s style of Game, the thing I like about him is that he has this endless flow of creative thought that comes to him. It’s like you take any small thing and he can expand on it, in a beautiful way. I’ve seen it. I’ve watched him do it, and I’ve seen that when he presents that, the girls light up. They smile, you know, their eyes open.’ If you pay attention to George’s writing, this book will likely teach you how to do some of that for yourself. That aside, it is also (of course) rife with valuable lessons on Game, female psychology, and life in general.

Street Attraction VIP


VIP is a selection of our top videos showing interactions with full breakdown from Eddie and Richard. You will see approach, comfort building, escalation, seduction and bounce. This will give you a complete knowledge from the time you meet the girl all the way to the sex.

In order to make everything crystal clear for you, we will not only explain it but you will also see infield footage of us doing it so that each concept is firmly imprinted into your mind.

Pickup Question Guide

   If you’re not sure what to say when talking to women this guide is definitely for you. It contains over 90+ examples of questions that you can ask to spice up your conversations and to escalate towards sex faster. You will find in it great advice on what and what not to ask a girl. You will learn what the worst questions to ask are and why you shouldn’t use them in your game. The Pickup Question Guide explains how to smoothly transition from rapport to seduction.

Texting Mastery

Texting-MasteryPickup is full of potential traps and text game is no exception, this guide will help you avoid falling into those traps so you can increase your chances of turning telephone numbers into dates and ultimately lays.

Simply put, this comprehensive text guide will help you to turn telephone numbers into hot dates more consistently. It contains our best, tried and tested text game advice with over 60 examples that you can use straight away.