The Street Attraction Team

Eddie Hitchens

Founder of Street Attraction & Head Coach

Ed_SquareI’m an outspoken hetrosexual man who enjoys the company of pretty feminine women and fearless men. I hold strong views that are sure to offend your sissy sensitive feminist friends. I’ve been studying game since late 2005. Before that, I had limited success with women, acne and weight gain had seriously affected my confidence.

Pickup radically changed and liberated me in almost every way, making me become a more confident, masculine and happier man. For the first time, I started dating and seducing attractive women I previously thought were completely out of my reach.

The years of infield experience, teaching and intense study of female psychology I believe have made me into one of the most knowledgeable and experianced pickup instructors.

In 2011 I started Street Attraction to train guys in the art of becoming a strong and attractive man with control over his social, dating and sex life. I believe that self improvement and learning game is essential for every man regardless of his social status, penis size, looks, muscle power or money.

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Rico_SquareI’m a shameless extroverted 23 year old but look closer to 33 because of my sexy receding hair line that I really don’t care about. They call me ‘The Night Bastard’ , because of my aggressive opening style (especially at night), a style developed through blood, sweat, pussy juice and emotional turmoil.

When I was younger I was rather introverted; despite some small moments of glory with girls I had no consistency at all due to poor social skills. My older brother (a mega pimp in his day) introduced me to the game back in 2006 but only four years later did I seriously begin my journey to becoming a pickup pimp myself.

Even though I have achieved some extraordinary results (you can witness some on them on our youtube channel) I feel like I have only just begun. I enjoy pushing the boundaries by approaching sets that other PUAs are too intimidated by. I have a fearless approach to pickup, destroying approach anxiety and limiting beliefs tornado style.

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