Why James Bond isn’t Alpha

Taking the red pill & challenging commonly held beliefs:

Part 1, Why James Bond game doesn’t work in the real world.

Like many other young men I grew up watching James Bond films, enjoying the thrills and spills of a make believe secret agent going about his business. It seemed like great fun, what a job! You can imagine the job spec: travel the world, drive a fast car, drink loads of champagne and sleep with gorgeous women all over the world. Oh and on the side work on a convenient mission which fits with your lifestyle to ‘save the world’, somewhat laughably through pursuing British foreign policy aims! Subconsciously, I also absorbed messages projected within the film. Specifically the character of James Bond was held up as an example of a man living life to the full, a ‘ladies man’ who was highly successful with women. The films usually ended with a scene where Bond was in bed with a love interest he had pursued through the film, which proved just how good a seducer he was.

However, I will discuss why the character portrayed in the films would not be successful with women in the real world. Through this process, I hope to show what not to do in your own love life. Of course we shouldn’t be surprised by any of this, a film like most other media, usually shows a distortion of the real world. Fantasy has to work on this principle or there would be no escapism from the world by definition. The problem occurs when people can’t see the distortion for what it is and they subconsciously absorb ideas and go about trying to apply them to their own life. There is a feedback loop between media and the real world, where they will actually influence each other in a spiral, usually downwards, as untruths are always likely to deceive rather than enlighten one’s mind.

The human mind has many quirks, one of which is that we actually often want to delude ourselves, a pleasant fantasy is often more appealing than the grittiness of reality. Once we dig into the realities of life we are often be confronted by uncomfortable truths. The basis for the creation of the character of James Bond is quite revealing in this regard. Ian Fleming was the son of an MP and a scion of the Fleming banking dynasty and as such was part of the British elite. Many of the habits and character traits of Bond seem to be drawn directly from the lifestyles of the English aristocracy at the time (the Savile Row cut suits, the champagne & Caviar dining experiences, spending evenings in a casino otherwise going to the Opera, Theatre or a Dinner Party). Fleming interestingly worked for British Naval Intelligence following a period of failed jobs in his 20s (including his family attempting to set him up in Banking). Fleming is thought to have based the character of Bond, overconsumption and all, partly on his own experiences, as well as from his observations during this time. Tellingly, as a heavy drinker and smoker he died at an early age of 56 after suffering from heart disease. Smoking unfortunately does kill, even if it does look cool on the screen (more on this below). Even more tragically his son, Casper, later committed suicide by drug overdose at the age of 23.

bond1The plot thickens in terms of where Fleming drew the specific character traits of Bond from, as mentioned previously Fleming moved in circles of the English aristocracy. Fleming actually knew ‘Lucky’ Lord Lucan and actually suggested to the movie studio producing the first Bond film ‘Casino Royale’ that he be screen tested before Sean Connery was given the role. It turned out that Lucan’s savoire faire disappeared on camera so was never given the role (he wasn’t a trained actor so this is unsurprising). However the similarities between Lucan and the Bond character are absolutely uncanny. Lucan was the consummate aristocratic playboy, he became a professional gambler at 26 years old, leaving his job at a merchant bank after winning ’26k in a single game of Chemin de Fer in 1960 (which is how he picked up the ironic nickname ‘Lucky’ .. ’26k back then was a big sum even for an English aristocrat). His favoured game, Chemin de Fer, is you will note the same game played in Casino Royale. He was a keen sportsman who particularly enjoyed playing golf, skiing and he had special penchant for racing power boats. His favourite drink was Russian vodka. Are you beginning to spot a pattern? Oh and the car he drove … you guessed it, an Aston Martin drop head coupe. So what was the fate of the man who was very probably the blueprint for the James Bond character? Well, a bitter separation from his wife and children, bankruptcy from gambling debts (despite huge wealth and privilege) and the subsequent savage murder of his children’s nanny leading to his later disappearance, which created one of the most infamous unsolved murders in British history. Curiously the similarities between the James Bond character and ‘Lucky’ Lord Lucan aren’t pointed out frequently; perhaps the commercial interests behind the franchise snuff out any press making a connection, as it may well take some of lustre from the behemoth that is the James Bond corporate machine.


So, why do I say James Bond has no game.

1)      James Bond is playing classic ‘big daddy game’ (coined by David Wygent). He spends money prodigiously, even though he is essentially using a company credit card (HM Treasury probably does has enough tax payers’ funds in the bank account to cover most things).  He is essentially an employee who is trying to competitively spend money against the oligarchs and various heads of criminal syndicates who he follows around the globe. He usually is the poorest man in the room, which makes his over the top, flashy behaviour even more ridiculous, as its frankly so try hard. The argument could be made that he perhaps has to play ‘big daddy game’ to infiltrate certain circles … but making a show of ordering vintage champagnes and the like, what is the point? As a chain smoker it would be a miracle if he could taste the difference between various vintages anyway.

2)      James Bond is a follower not a leader. James Bond is essentially a lackey of the State, his bosses in the intelligence agency, or foreign office gives him orders which he follows. A common theme is his acting for Western interests during the cold war. Does he actually believe in protecting the interests of a Capitalist system, does he believe in Socialism … or does he think Communist ideals had some merit? We never find out, as he never mentions it and hardly ever questions anything (perhaps this is because he is too busy getting drunk on Russian Vodka produced by the very people he is at war with?). If he isn’t doing the job for his ideals, what is he doing it for? Excitement? Jollies? To spend expenses? Company car? Some of the missions he is sent on are clearly for a greater good, I’m talking about the ones where the evil genius wants to commit mass murder in some shape or form … but the fact Bond takes on these particular missions isn’t his own choice, he is just going where he’s told. This isn’t alpha behviour. Women are attractive to men who are leaders, taking orders from others without question is deeply unattractive.


I should add it may superficially seem that aggression and violence is alpha, but this isn’t the case. The context determines whether something is alpha or not. For example a person in a nightclub swinging a punch at someone for stepping on their shoes isn’t really alpha, it’s irrational, out of proportion and uncontrolled behaviour. However perhaps taking down a terrorist trying to kill innocent people is alpha, as the action has been taken rationally and makes sense for a greater cause. Perhaps this idea is lost on some, including some women who may be attracted to violent & essentially stupid men, irrational though this may be. However, in my opinion would a high value and truly alpha man want to be with such a woman? Or should they exercise discernment, keeping their core beliefs and values intact and not sell them out for any woman, however physically attractive she seems?

3)      James Bond’s humour is integral to his character. It essentially consists of dry gallows humour, all delivered with a wry smile and a raised eyebrow. It should be noted that this is just one style of humour, one that incidentally doesn’t encourage positive emotions in another person. It’s often negative, uses sarcasm and plays on schedenfreud. It’s a very (Upper Class) English sense of humour. Note, this type of humour will often be lost on other nationalities. This is ironic in Bond’s case, as his love interests usually are foreign nationals (bear this point in mind if you are approaching women travelling in your city or if you are doing game abroad (outside of the UK))! Instead of this type of humour, a more light, fun and playful sense of humour will be more effective in attracting women.

4)      James Bond’s persona, even in social situations, is usually unemotional, cold and aloof. There is little emotional expression conveyed in his conversations with other people. PUA’s have long known that women are driven by their emotions, while men are usually driven by logic. Without conveying positive emotions, women instead of finding you attractive, will actually be turned off. Being able to convey emotion shows women you have well developed social skills, that you have complex feelings and therefore possess emotional intelligence. In addition you are able to influence how others feel through expressing that feeling yourself (concept of mirroring).

5)      James Bond is a heavy drinker and smoker. These are two very socially acceptable ways in the West to manage state (at least in certain social contexts). If you manage state (or mood) in this way you are essentially dependent on an artificial crutch. Not only this but using substances to reduce inhibition & essentially feel better will also have a myriad of other physiological effects (let alone those which affect your general health). One detrimental side effect is that your cognitive powers are actually reduced, so what you say and how you behave will actually be of lower quality than what you are really capable of (as they block neurological signals). If this all wasn’t enough, like any drug, as the effect wears off, you suffer a low which has to be dealt with. Finally, as dependence kicks in, the person has to increase the dosage to obtain the same effect.

bodyBuilderOne additional linked point, a health warning if you like, is that all activities, even positive ones can become addictive. Body building fanatics are a good example, turning something which is usually good for your health and well being into something which consumes all their energy and time and sometimes results in a distorted and unattractive body. Something which isn’t discussed is that pickup can also be similar, it can become an all consuming addiction, which can result in what Mystery himself quite brilliantly termed years ago ‘spiralling’ (he defined it as; ‘the runaway chain reaction that can be triggered when at least one vital area of focus is neglected for too long’. He drew from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and identified three areas which should be balanced in life; Love, Health and Wealth. If you game all day, every day and neglect everything else in your life, it will ultimately destroy you and lead to unhappiness. Beware.

The Bigger Picture

So we have discussed James Bonds persona on a micro individual level and how emulating the character traits discussed above will actually hinder your game. There are also insidious effects on a macro level as men, especially English men, emulate some these character traits en masse. As these men are ultimately unsuccessful in meeting and dating women, they will increasingly turn to bars and nightclubs in desperation to meet women, worse turn to dating websites, or just consign themselves to long periods of loneliness. On the other side of the coin, English women as they are confronted by men who they can’t feel any attraction for ultimately become cold, aloof and unhappy as well (PUAs in London have often noted that English girls are less open to cold approach, are unfriendly and not as receptive as foreign girls. There is more to this than just a ‘tourist effect’). Ultimately, if a woman doesn’t find romantic fulfilment, her sexuality will be repressed. I suggest the PUA community in London actually starts making a point in approaching more English girls as a community service (& take the blowouts as they come)!

Hopefully, you will avoid the trap after reading this of emulating what I call ‘Bond Game’. It’s ultimately ineffective & when it ‘works’ will tend to attract the ‘wrong type’ of (parasitic) woman. However this is a route many men take falsely believing this to be a path to success with women.

Open your mind, be cognisant of the messages you are absorbing from society, specifically through distorted media. Good luck on your journey guys.

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12 replies
  1. Jason Bourne
    Jason Bourne says:

    Seriously, are you kidding people with this article? James Bond as a real human being would obviously have serious mental issues. He’s a cold blooded psychopathic narcissistic murderer for Fu*k’s sake! Let alone the other issues he has with women, alcohol and violence.

    What BOTH men and women ARE attracted to however, are his unimpeachable confidence, self sufficiency, single mindedness, sexual charisma, and his couldn’t care less attitude. As for him having “no game” ? Really? He’s slept with the most beautiful and exclusive set of women on the entire planet, and he’s got no game? God help the rest of us then!
    I think what you really mean, is that James Bond is never the type of bloke you will settle down with and take to your parents, but he is definitely the guy every girl wants to fu*k! He’s an ALPHA 150% all the way man!

  2. n8
    n8 says:

    Being a dry-humored smart ass is very attractive if its done well. It takes a lot of experience and social comfort (frame as some might say) to pull off, but it comes accross confident and controlled. Women like a confident and controlled man.

    Also you talk of how the humor gap, but Id point out that this shows you dont understand something thats pretty observably evident: it’s not what is said, it’s how it’s said. Its how confident the man whos saying it is. If hes truly confident, his words will resonate that even if his humor might be different; At the least the lady would eagerly hang on his arm trying to decifer his jokes to gain his approval, as he teases her for her lack of ability to understand his quips haha.

    Just my take, though.

  3. JP
    JP says:

    James Bond is a follower…hahaha. Has this guy even seen the bond movies? He came from nothing, went to Oxford University then served in the SAS…the only argument that you could give for him not being an alpha is that he has serious trust issues. He’s a typical alpha male through and through!

  4. neymar
    neymar says:

    Who ever wrote this post is completely wrong ,James bond is an alpha male because he’s dominant , no one orders him to seduce a girl he does it because he wants to and his game does work because he uses the two greatest sexual seduction techniques in the world which you don’t notice because your so ignorant ,he’s calm when in danger and dominant around women that’s why he’s an alpha male and i know these two sexual seduction techniques and I’ve been with many girls and that’s how i can tell you that these techniques work , he’s serious all the time because there always trying to kill him

    • Dean
      Dean says:

      No he is only calm in danger because he is used to it, he lacks compassion anyway why would he feel agitated in a situation suited to his already spiteful way of doing things.

    • Abraham
      Abraham says:

      The fact that you needed to use a technique disproves you being alpha, you are a fake taking away something that wasn’t even suppose to be yours to begin with. I think it could backfire and something awful might happen to you.

  5. Aiyana
    Aiyana says:

    Bond also judges women and people by their financial success, how they dress, their appearance everything bad you are not suppose to do.

  6. Pritam
    Pritam says:

    Bond is just a materialistic superficial man who doesn’t know everything anyway he is over-rated he also lacks compassion and tolerance which the general public confuses with confidence.
    Bond also lacks self assertiveness because of the fact that he only ever follows orders and complains about taking orders from a woman then why doesn’t he just change from the inside out?
    I believe he is only successful with women because he never says no!! not because of some made up dark triad complex nonsense.


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